ACI Developments' philosophy is one of obvious simplicity: "Ask questions, Listen carefully, Communicate at all times and most of all, Keep it simple." This philosophy has served our clients well and is one that we encourage in all our relationships with clients, fellow professionals and on-site trades persons alike. We firmly believe that all the players involved in the realisation of the built form have an integral part to play, and encouraging each to do so can only serve the client well. We are, and strive to remain, a company that is rooted in reality: The reality of delivering a good service at a fair cost.

ACI Developments prides itself in satisfying the real needs of clients through sensitive counselling. A testament to this approach is the very high referral and repeat rate of commissions. ACI Developments enjoys ongoing relationships with long term clients.

ACI Developments relies heavily upon a well-seasoned group of consultants for the delivery of a complete service to our clients. The nature of this relationship between us and our consultants extends to include our clients or client groups who form a critical part of our design team.

ACI Developments undertakes an eclectic mix of projects and building types ranging from residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, corporate and restorative projects. Regardless of scale and budget of a project, our aim is to extract the utmost in design potential and cost effectiveness while keeping close tabs on the schedule.

ACI Developments delivers projects within Grenada and Barbados but have extended to the Middle East and Africa.

ACI Developments strives to service its clients with a sense of design flair, delivered through sound management and accounting practices and employing the latest in technology and people skills.